Residential & Commercial

Welcome To Markez Painting General Contractor, LLC

Upgrade and enhance your home or business with the residential and commercial painting services of Markez Painting, LLC a painting contractor in Winston-Salem, NC. We offer full service interior and exterior painting for homes and commercial establishments. By taking the proper precautions from start to finish, we make sure everything is protected inside and out before we begin and perform a thorough cleaning when we’re done.

We are interested in being able to meet your expectations, improve every detail and be able to make a difference in the work carried out. Keeping our objective that is to supply all your needs.

Our specialization

We have specialized in painting for many years, and we have the knowledge, commitment and experience to do the job correctly.

Aluminum, Wood, and Vinyl Siding Paint

There are many different elements involved in the creation of a home, for example, the foundations, frames, roof beams, and roofs. There is also some form of coating: it is what forms the exterior of your home, call us now for a free estimate.

Renovation Paint

Look no further, we are the expert painters you need to call for your renovation project. Whether you are dumping a house to resell it or gutting your house to create the house of your dreams, we are the painters you need.

Fences and Decks

We understand the importance of keeping the exterior of your home in perfect condition at all times. That certainly includes caring for the siding and keeping your landscape in good shape, but it also means paying attention to your decks and fences.

Railings and Stairs

Are you looking for railings, stairs, fences, and deck paint? We specialize in commercial and residential painting both inside and outside, our team has the experience to ensure that your property is perfectly painted.

Stucco Painting

Stucco painting is one of the things that we specialize in. The stucco is a fine plaster in which the exterior surfaces are coated to achieve a decorative effect and requires particular knowledge and experience to repair and paint properly.

Office spaces

When you think of commercial paint, you are very likely to think of painting the aluminum siding on the outside of the building or perhaps painting the ceiling in condominiums and similar properties. However, office spaces also require painting.

Other Services

We work closely with all members of the project team from the beginning of the project to commissioning and post-occupation services. We take pride in our workforce and develop quality in the project.

  • Roofing
  • Concrete
  • Flooring
  • Remodeling
  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Fire & Smoke Damage